Fairytale Forest

Where fairy tales come to life.

Our story.

We are the Martinjaš family. Small business owners and big dreamers. Our family used to spend a lot of time camping in the forest nearby our restaurant when the kids were little. We spent some of the most beautiful moments of their childhood telling fairy tales by the bonfire, under the stars.

That’s what inspired our project, the Fairytale Forest, which was recognized by the European Regional Development Fund as one of the best in its category. Like most other small businesses, ours was slowed down severely by the pandemic and we couldn’t continue financing the project by ourselves. That’s why we need your help.


The main goal of the Fairytale Forest is to offer an active, fun & educational holiday for children, families and people of all ages, reestablishing the connection with nature, which many of us have lost as a consequence of living in the modern world. We also want people to feel the magic we felt while camping in the same forest more than a decade ago.


Reforestation is our imperative. We will reforest the area by planting native tree species which will provide an expanded habitat to many species of animals such as rabbits, foxes, deer, hedgehogs, birds, bugs etc. The soil, degraded by years of agriculture, will be revitalized and the ecosystem will blossom. As trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Two adult trees provide enough oxygen for a family of four for a year. We want to make a positive impact on our environment and so can you: Plant your own tree in Fairytale Forest!


Technology has become a great part of our everyday lives and it is somewhat responsible for most of us not spending enough time in nature. Science has proven what we already knew, staying in nature reduces stress levels and makes us feel more relaxed and at peace. We decided to use technology to make a walk through the forest more appealing to younger generations.

On the 45 minute guided tour, old Slavic myths and tales will come to life using smart phones & tablets as a portal to the their magical world! While looking through a window into a hidden world, visitors will be learning about our own natural world and the importance of its preservation.

After an interactive tour, visitors will participate in an innovative 3D game which uses motion tracking and VR technology to create an augmented reality. Players will be on a mission to complete tasks in an interaction with magical creatures they have met in Fairytale Forest. After the game it’s back to the real world which seems a lot more magical than before!


This project will have an impact on our community by enriching the tourist offer and contribute to the overall development of the tourist image of our county, Međimurje, without damaging the nature. Fairytale Forest will not harm the environment, but enhance and protect it! Increased number of tourists visiting our county will positively affect family farms in our area who will see more opportunities for possible expansion or development of new products.


Sustainable camping? That’s our plan. Imagine syncing with natures harmony and listening to the crackling of the campfire under a sky full of stars. You’ll be able to do that in our magical tiny house camp which will be located right next to the forest! You can already book your stay in the camp on our Startnext campaign!

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